Weekly Lists

6th September 2021

It’s a bit late, but summer has finally arrived. Meanwhile a truckload of top notch TV has turned up bang on time, with some rip-roaring comedy, breath-taking documentary and scintillating drama. 

5 Seasons Netflix 43 x 50 mins
The fans are asking: is this the most under-appreciated series on tv? Well, there's so much tv on, that accolade could go to a number of unappreciated gems, but Money Heist would be high up the list.
Score: 7.9
1 Season BBC iPlayer 12 x 25 mins
Watching this show is a bit like reliving those glorious moments when you first watched Fleabag, and felt comforted by an honest, sharp comedy which dances on the line between horrifying and hilarious.
Score: 8.1
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