Weekly Lists

8th November 2021

Governments and Gretas galore have ben trying to crack the climate conundrum in Glasgow this week – we bring you one of the best pieces of recent TV on the issue. Also, we have the wondrous Bertie Carvel, a couple of thrillers and a riveting doc about WeWork.

1 Season My5 5 x 60 mins
Dalgliesh has had a sexy makeover in the form of Doctor Foster's Bertie Carvel. This suave seventies drama makes for perfect autumn viewing.  
Score: 7.0
1 Season Apple TV+ 6 x 60 mins
Korean drama is on-trend this year, and with Apple TV at the helm, this is a sure-fire hit. Dr Brain is a tantalising combo of sci-fi, horror and soap.  
Score: 7.5
1 Season All4 6 x 45 mins
A tumble down the stairs and the whole world comes tumbling down, as a year of memory loss leads to unsettling questions and a marriage in crisis. 
Score: 5.9
1 Season ITV Hub 1 x 60 mins
Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald takes a hard look at how floods are affecting every corner of the UK, melding gobsmacking interviews with powerful footage.
Score: 8.1
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