Weekly Lists

9th August 2021

Summer is on again… off again… on again. 

Whatever the weather Must is always on hand with the pick of the week’s TV. And once again we have more sizzlers than a bbq under a clear blue sky. 

Take your pick from this menu…


3 Seasons BBC iPlayer, Netflix 26 x 50 mins
This series takes us back to 1980s New York City, where large hair and shoulder pads rule above ground, whilst underground it’s all about vogueing, wigs and drag mothers. Grab your coat – we’re going to the ball daaaahling.
Score: 9.0
1 Season BBC iPlayer 3 x 60 mins
Richard E Grant at his irrepressible best mixing up books and travel with an opening episode that ticks off the best of southern Italy and authors including Elena Ferrante and Charles Dickens.
Score: 8.2
1 Season Amazon Prime 10 x 45 mins
If there’s one thing more compelling to a US small town than a high school prom queen, it’s her disappearance. Amazon Prime’s Cruel Summer, set in a decade for which millennials feel increasing nostalgia, takes up a gripping story of loss and betrayal.
Score: 7.9
1 Season Apple TV+ 10 x 30 mins
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of those actors loved on the indie movie scene and now he brings us Mr Corman, about a depressed LA teacher with a broken heart who way back in the day was very nearly a rock star. It’s funnier than it sounds…
Score: 6.0
2 Seasons All4 6 x 45 mins
Suranne Jones excels in this opener from Dominic Savage’s brilliant trilogy: a woman on the edge, juggling work, family and aspiration, but perfection is never quite in reach.
Score: 8.9
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