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14th June 2021

Photograph: Amazon

It’s coming home! 

Meanwhile Bo Burham hasn’t left hishome in a while, Loki is having his origin story told on Disney+, Mark Wiens is giving us travel envy and Lupin is back for another round. Plus, get orf my land… Clarkson’s gone farming.

Here’s what to watch when the football’s not on

1 Season Amazon Prime 8 x 50 mins
TV’s marmite presenter is back, and as well as having ditched his mates May and Hammond, he’s also got rid of his bravado. Love him or loathe him, this is annoyingly good telly.
Score: 8.0
1 Season Netflix 1 x 90 mins
Though this Netflix special is almost certain to make you laugh, it may also make your lockdown banana bread making look ever so slightly feeble, when compared with this quarantine-created masterpiece...
Score: 9.1


1 Season Disney+ 6 x 50 mins
The superhero scene loves nothing more than an origin story, and next up is everyone’s favourite Marvel villain, Loki, who it turns out is a low-key antihero.
Score: 6.6


2 Seasons Netflix 10 x 45 mins
Everyone's favourite gentleman thief is back for another round, after Lupin's first season became Netflix's biggest international show. But is the second serving as irresistible as the first?
Score: 8.0
1 Season YouTube 1153 x 20 mins
Seeing as our summer hols abroad have been placed on the backburner (aka the amber list), we think it’s time to tee up some travel telly to live through vicariously.
Score: 8.9
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