Weekly Lists

19th April 2021

Photograph: ITV

Must TV is starting a telly super league, and you’re all invited.

We’re kicking off with a chilling new drama from ITV, a dazzling competition and a cosy treat from the BBC, as well as the doc accompaniment to your Line of Duty obsession. Plus, we remember the hugely talented Helen McCrory.

Here’s your TV for the week ahead

1 Season ITV Hub 3 x 60 mins
This three-part series is an adaptation of the 2018 novel thriller of the same name, by Natalie Daniels, centred around the forensic psychiatrist, Dr Emma Robertson, who is trying to unpick the messy mind of accused murderer, Constance.
Score: 7.8
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 60 mins
You’ve probably heard that ancient proverb, “All That Glitters isn’t telly gold.” At least, it goes something like that... but in the case of this new BBC test of talent, we are absolutely dealing with a gem.
Score: 7.0
10 Seasons BBC iPlayer 87 x 60 mins
It isn’t full of cunning plots and casual violence like Peaky Blinders, and there’s no sexy scenes like in Normal People, but something equally valuable is on offer here: perfectly saccharine Sunday night telly.
Score: 7.0
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