Weekly Lists

21st June 2021

Photograph: BBC

It’s only one week until all the talk will be about Love Island, so here at Must we have some serious telly to get stuck into before then.

We have a brand new series of Margaret Atwood’s famous drama, a couple of controversial docs, a quarantine creation and five fantastic plays from the National Theatre.

1 Season Amazon Prime 5 x 120 mins
It’s been a while since we’ve been able to enjoy the delights of live theatre, so we recommend having a night at the theatre at home, with these incredible pre-filmed productions from the National Theatre. Shhh...the curtain’s going up...
Score: 8.7
1 Season Now, Sky 1 x 90 mins
This will no doubt be one of the more talked about documentaries this year, coming from director Alba Sotorra Clua, who spent two years filming the women who have fled lives as so-called Isis brides, to Syria’s Roj detention camp.
Score: 8.3
1 Season BBC iPlayer 1 x 90 mins
For those who have only just recovered from the torturous cabin fever of lockdown, maybe don’t watch this. It’s going to take you right back there.
Score: 7.6
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