Weekly Lists

25th October 2021

Halloween is almost here, and whilst Team Must is a bit short on tricks we have plenty of TV treats for you to enjoy in the last week of October. Whether you’re a fan of the countryside, the Capitol or the cosmos, there’s a show for you in this week’s list.

1 Season Amazon Prime 8 x 50mins
A modern day remake of the coming-of-age 90s classic has just landed on Amazon Prime and the reviews are in. It's trashy, teeny and totally unrealistic, but something tells us you'll enjoy it.
Score: 6.5
1 Season Apple TV+ 10 x 50 mins
One thing that's guaranteed to calm our post-pandemic nerves is an alien invasion, right? This big budget Apple TV+ drama will have you checking the skies for UFOs.
Score: 7.6
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