29th March 2021

This week we’ve got a powerful documentary on black British history, a slightly senseless Sherlock spin-off, beer brewing monks and a seriously silly sitcom. Plus, we’ve got an Israeli drama series which is becoming quite the sleeper hit…


3 Seasons Netflix 33 x 45 mins
This drama now airing on Netflix is, in a lot of ways, is pretty similar to much of its ilk. However, with this one it isn’t some wealthy Californian family, whingeing as they climb into their Prius . This is about the Shtisels, a Haredi family living in an Orthodox community in Jerusalem.
7 Seasons Netflix 153 x 20
Now don’t get us wrong, we love a police procedural with high-octane chase scenes, shocking discoveries and gory forensics. But even we need a sweet palette cleanser after a winter full of bitter detective dramas.
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