Weekly Lists

13th September 2021

We were all glued to the TV this weekend for Emma Raducanu’s famous fairytale in New York. And we’re serving up more gripping telly for the week ahead, from crime drama, to heart-breaking documentary, with a bit of 007 on the way.  


1 Season Now, Sky 6 x 45 mins
A bipolar pathologist, obsessed with his ex, in charge of solving a stream of cases, so brilliantly gory that they put Saw to shame?
Score: 7.5
1 Season BBC iPlayer 5 x 60 mins
Stephen Graham, Colin Farrell, Tom Courtenay and some cracking drama on a nineteenth century whaling ship in the Arctic. Not to be missed. 
Score: 7.7
1 Season All4 1 x 70 mins x Powerful Documentary
Shot by Constantine Gras, the building’s Artist in Resident a couple of years before the tragedy, The Untold Story is a heart wrenching exposé on the inner failings of Grenfell, shining a searing light on just how avoidable the disaster was.
Score: 8.7
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 25 mins
Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead (Greg Davies) as he moves from crime scene to crime scene, cleaning up unbelievable messes and meeting some even more unbelievable characters along the way.
Score: 7.1
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