Weekly Lists

31st May 2021

Photograph: Sky

It’s the last of the long weekends for a while, so it’s time quell your post-bank holiday blues with five great shows for a four day week.

We’ve got a gothic crime drama, a comedy for those with kids, a trip to 1990s Boston and a history lesson on food. Plus, we’ve reviewed the the TV event of the year…

Here’s your Must List

2 Seasons Now, Sky 20 x 20 mins
People who are already mums and dads are likely going to watch this show with a knowing smirk, relating to these frazzled parents and their child-rearing woes.
Score: 7.7
2 Seasons Now, Sky 18 x 60 mins
Recently, we’ve become used to our bent coppers coming with a side of Irish sarcasm, Gogglebox commentary and Twitter storms. But now that season six of Line of Duty is out the way, it’s time to make room for corrupt coppers from across the Atlantic, in this Boston police procedural.
Score: 8.0
1 Season Netflix 4 x 50 mins
We’re a sucker for a travelogue series, especially when it involves mouth-watering grub from across the globe. And this new one from Netflix documenting how African food made its way around America is an absolute feast for the eyes.
Score: 8.3
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