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Our Favourite Crime Shows

There’s nothing quite like a crime show to get your telly teeth stuck into, so we’re bringing you some of our top picks.

We’ve got brilliantly British dramas, a couple of foreign language treats, some American blockbusters and two disturbing true crimes. 

Crack the case in this week’s Must List

2 Seasons BritBox 12 x 60 mins
We reckon Tortured Valley would be a more appropriate name for this show, though the Yorkshire tourism board might not be so keen.
Score: 9.0
5 Seasons Netflix 43 x 50 mins
The fans are asking: is this the most under-appreciated series on tv? Well, there's so much tv on, that accolade could go to a number of unappreciated gems, but Money Heist would be high up the list.
Score: 7.9
1 Season Netflix 3 x 60 mins
There are a few rules one should be aware of whilst surfing the internet – always use protection, don’t talk to strangers and erase your history weekly. Oh, and that we Don’t F**k with Cats.
Score: 7.4
5 Seasons Netflix 62 x 60 mins
There are few series as universally revered and conversation-sparking as this. And now, over ten years since it first aired, it’s high(senberg) time we revisited Breaking Bad.
Score: 9.3
1 Season BBC iPlayer 1 x 90 mins
People have been going mad for the stories of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, and it seems the Beeb want in on the action – they’ve whipped up this whirlwind film, about The Hijacker Who Vanished.
Score: 8.7
4 Seasons BBC iPlayer 38 x 60 mins
The Bridge opens as a body is found on the Oresund bridge, bang on the border between Sweden and Denmark.
Score: 9.3
3 Seasons BritBox 24 x 50 mins
This is Olivia Coleman at her absolute best, partnered with David Tennant in this enthralling crime drama set amidst the dramatic scenery of Britain’s Jurassic coast in Dorset.
Score: 7.8
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