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Our Favourite Food Shows

Photograph courtesy of Netflix

This week we’re bringing together two of Team Must’s biggest pleasures, food and TV, in our list of shows that are a proper feast for the eyes.

We’ve got comic YouTube channels, ultimate contests, tours around the world and even something for the kiddos. 

Get stuck in

This is the millennial answer to Jamie Oliver. For those below thirty, it’s away with the 15 Minute Meals and in with a raised eyebrow serving of online cooking. Bon Appetit.
Score: 7.9
1 Season Netflix 8 x 45 mins
Us Brits like to think we’re pretty good at the ol’ barbie. But after watching this series, our tongs don’t feel so big anymore, and our measly burgers look distinctly underdone...
Score: 6.8
6 Seasons Netflix 30 x 50 mins
This Netflix series is cashing in on our food obsessions by profiling trendy chefs and the treats they’re serving – and they’re usually slightly more complex than your mid-week shepherd’s pie.
Score: 7.8
12 Seasons All4 114 x 60 mins
The Great British Bake Off is sweeter than a triple chocolate brownie and more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread, ready to make your heart as warm as the famous tent’s many ovens.
Score: 9.2
4 Seasons Amazon Prime 309 x 50 mins
In multiple series of different shows such as No Reservations and Parts Unknown, Bourdain trotted the globe in a way that now seems to us both mysterious and dangerous.
Score: 8.9
1 Season Amazon Prime 1 x 90 mins
This weird and wonderful documentary tells the story of Rudy Kurniawan, who in the early 2000s turned the world of wine-collecting upside down.
Score: 7.8
1 Season BBC iPlayer 7 x 30 mins
Way before the invention of Instagram chefs and food porn, before the cool and sardonic Anthony Bourdain became the face of travel food shows, before a floppy-haired Jamie Oliver welcomed us into his kitchen...there was Keith Floyd.
Score: 8.8
1 Season All4 6 x 25 mins
Here at Must TV we have been escaping our very own urban lockdown by revisiting the first series, Escape to River Cottage, and dreaming of our own pig-breeding, pea-growing and pigeon pie-making.
Score: 8.5
1 Season All4 8 x 30 mins
The Naked Chef has popped some clothes on and headed over to the land of pasta, tomatoes and olive oil on a mission to master Italian cooking.
Score: 7.7
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