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Our Guilty Pleasures

Don’t tell the boss, but here at Must we are big on guilty pleasures: morning gin, lunchtime cigars and afternoons betting on the nags.

However for those Must readers who want slightly simpler vices we bring you a very special compendium. 

3 Seasons All4 62 x 45 mins
The Circle is reality show Big Brother smacked over the head with Instagram, and then trapping all its contestants into their own, individual diary rooms.
Score: 6.2
3 Seasons Netflix 24 x 30 mins
The series follows the lives of some of Los Angeles’ most successful real estate agents, as they swan about on the Sunset Plaza, looking beautiful, selling houses and starting drama. I know, it doesn’t exactly sound like ground-breaking telly, does it?
Score: 7.3
53 Seasons BBC iPlayer 1749 x 60 mins
This show has been on air since 1968 and is a BBC classic full of tips and tricks for keeping your flowerbeds full of colour, and how to get the best harvest out of your veg patch.
Score: 7.0
11 Seasons Now, Sky 246 x 20 mins
As sitcoms go, this is up there among the silliest. But when you need a quick twenty minutes of raucous, camp ridiculousness, there’s no company better than Will & Grace.
Score: 7.5
7 Seasons Netflix 154 x 45 mins
Sometimes when you switch telly on in the evening, you’re way too tired to face the high-speed chases of a crime drama, or the subliminal lecturing of a doc. What you need is a cosy classic, which requires minimum attention.
Score: 7.1
1 Season BBC iPlayer 6 x 60 mins
Despite the title, this isn’t a show about a mother screaming at her teenager to clear the stack of mugs and plates building up in their room.
Score: 5.4
2 Seasons All4 16 x 45 mins
No, this programme isn’t about a husband disgruntled by his wife’s refusal to forgive him three days after he loaded the dishwasher incorrectly. It’s about something even better than that: the joy of dogs.
Score: 7.3
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