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Our Favourite Glossy Thrillers

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It’s summer time, the living is easy, and Thursday lists are going on their holidays! But don’t worry, our Monday lists will still be bringing you the best of the latest telly. 

Here’s our last Thursday list for now to see you through the summer, and this time it’s all about the glossy thriller. So expect lots of Nicole Kidman, expensive landscape shots, and mums quaffing Chablis. 

Netflix and thrills this way…

2 Seasons Netflix 20 x 30 mins
In this expensive looking, soapy, melodramatic thriller we’re going to the Los Angeles suburbs, where wine moms are something to be feared...
Score: 7.8
1 Season Amazon Prime 8 x 45 mins
We don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s very rare that we’re so excited about a show that we actually write about it before it’s even come out yet. But this glossy thriller adapted for the small screen by the brilliant David E Kelly has got us all sorts of impatient.
Score: 6.5
1 Season Now, Sky 6 x 50 mins
So, we’re thinking: Hugh Grant – tick; Nicole Kidman – tick; David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies, writer-producer) – tick. The Undoing has to be a hit – tick?
Score: 6.7
2 Seasons Sky 15 x 45 mins
This smash hit show is basically a modern update of Desperate Housewives, with middle class mums, murder and neighbourhood maliciousness. And oh mother, do we love it.
Score: 8.5
2 Seasons BritBox 10 x 60 mins
Warning for approaching singletons: this may put you off marriage. Warning for coupled up readers: this may make you paranoid about your what your partner’s up to whilst you’re off at work.
Score: 8.0
2 Seasons Sky 15 x 45 mins
Big Little Lies has had a Welsh make over, so it’s out with the massive houses and perfectly preened hair, and in with the rain macs and gloomy weather. Luckily the drama has stayed high class, with gorgeous cinematography to boot.
Score: 8.5
5 Seasons Now, Sky 53 x 60 mins
This gorgeous looking married life drama stars Dominic West. We know, we know, the irony of him starring in a show called The Affair, then getting up to extra-marital shenanigans so publicly, then leaving that note on his fence post...
Score: 8.1
2 Seasons Netflix 13 x 50 mins
When this series opens, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for Scandi noir, the first minute packing in the genre’s tropes, with a misty, moody setting, artistic shots of barren landscapes, and a lone girl mysteriously making her way to a lake.
Score: 9.0
1 Season Amazon Prime 8 x 60 mins
Reese Witherspoon as a superficially perfect housewife in a US suburb brimming with hidden resentments – if it sounds a bit like Big Little Lies, that’s probably no coincidence for producers trying to channel that show’s huge success.
Score: 6.2
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