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Our Favourite Sitcoms

Photograph: BBC

If you’re unsure on sitcoms, here’s a list to win you over.

We’ve picked out eight of our favourite situation comedies which are guaranteed to have you splitting at the seams. There are razor sharp wisecracks, weird and wonderful locals, sarcastic mockumentaries and dysfunctional family fun.

Laugh your socks off with this week’s Must List

4 Seasons Netflix 50 x 20 mins
Unfortunately, despite the title this show isn’t about the cheese aisle in a humungous Tesco – though we reckon that would make great viewing – and is in fact a seriously funny series about that oh-so-comical topic: death. We’re headed up to heaven in this fantastical, escapist treat.
Score: 8.7
9 Seasons All4, Netflix 173 x 20 mins
We’re not sure you’d be able to sell a ‘show about nothing’ these days. We’ve become far too comfortable with complex plots and high-octane drama. But Seinfeld isn’t of this era, in fact, you might even argue it’s from a better one.
Score: 8.7
2 Seasons Netflix 14 x 30 mins
Anyone who has ever worked in an office has encountered at least one David Brent-type in their lives. Which is what makes this classic mockumentary so funny, obviously.
Score: 8.9
11 Seasons Netflix, Now, Sky 250 x 20 mins
Going quietly crazy having been locked-down with your family for too long? We recommend hiding in a cupboard and enjoying twenty minutes of laughter at another family’s dysfunctional shenanigans.
Score: 8.7
7 Seasons Netflix 124 x 20 mins
Small towns are the perfect setting for a hysterically funny sitcom. Because who better to laugh at than weird and wonderful locals, who love nothing more than stirring the community pot and making mountains out of molehills?
Score: 8.6
2 Seasons BBC iPlayer 12 x 30 mins
As far as talked about TV goes, Fleabag is up there, breaking the internet with its impeccable one liners and... the hot priest.
Score: 8.6
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