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Sarah Beeny's List

Sarah Beeny has over 20 years of experience in property development and has been the face of some of the best loved home shows on TV, including Property Ladder and Renovate Don’t Relocate. Her latest series is Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country on Channel 4 following her and her family as they quit their lives in London to create a new home in Somerset.


1 Season Apple TV+ 9 x 30 mins
This is pretty classy and very international – amazing homes from around the world with beautiful stories. They clearly had a big budget and if you watch just one, look up the episode from Sweden with the family who build a greenhouse over their log cabin to create a better life for their autistic son. It’s very moving and reminds us that home is more than just a roof over our heads.
Score: 8.3
1 Season YouTube 120 x 10 mins
One of my four boys introduced me to this – it’s not really a “show” as such, but it’s amazing to see the hand-made buildings and landscaping created by these Cambodian guys. It’s a joy to watch and very different all our usual property TV – and they must be doing something right as they are racking up hundreds of millions of views.
Score: 8.2
3 Seasons Netflix 24 x 30 mins
Eye popping real estate reality show which is addictive viewing – we don’t get estate agents like that round here in Somerset. Thankfully.
Score: 7.3
33 Seasons All4 112 x 50 mins
Phil and Kirsty have been house-hunting on screen for over twenty years now and Location continues to be a great show because they are such good company – and nearly all of us have experienced the pain and joy of looking for a new home. If only, we all had Phil and Kirsty…
Score: 7.3
20 Seasons All4 199 x 60 mins
This really is the grandfather of all property shows and we all love seeing the hopes and dreams of self-builders take shape under Kevin McCloud’s beady eye with the never disappointing reveal. My new series is about our family building a home, so in some ways its our very own Grand Design.
Score: 8.5
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