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Richard is founder at Must TV. He is an Emmy-nominated television producer and founded the production company Reef Television. He loves watching documentaries and dramas with a political tilt, and this is his list of current favourites.

1 Season Now, Sky 4 x 50 mins
This is so nuts, we ask ourselves if this can possibly be true and then realise it is true and remember it happening. The story of James Comey is one of a man who stuck to principles that led him being vilified by the left and then the right before being fired by the President. In this gripping tale of high morals and low politics James Comey emerges with his reputation intact. Pretty much no one else does.
Score: 6.1
6 Seasons My5 33 x 50 mins
The best documentaries come wrapped in entertainment and the best political missives are delivered with a smile. Rich House Poor House does all that in spades. It is revealing, but warm; reassuring but unnerving – a simple house swap between the rich and the poor, simply told. One to watch with children to remind them of good fortune.
Score: 7.1
1 Season BBC iPlayer 3 x 60 mins
If being born in to wealth is a privilege for some, it might be a curse for others. The disfunctions at the heart of the Murdoch clan are writ large in this Succession-style doc series. Rupert’s oversized influence on the politics and politicians of our age is laid bare, but the question is asked whether he can fashion a business and a family fit for the next 50 years?
Score: 8.5
1 Season Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer 8 x 60 mins
A political spy thriller with Maggie Gillenhaal at her finest with a script by director Hugo Blick. It glides between London and the Middle East deftly exploring issues around the peace process and big business with a thrilling edge-of-your-seat storyline. The Honourable Woman proves that wherever you are in the world, the political is always the personal.
Score: 8.5
1 Season All4 1 x 100 mins
It might be BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated, but this documentary’s place is not in award ceremony dinners, it is in the smoke-filled room of the global powers who have left Syria to a war-torn fate and it’s people to death, destruction and disease. Journalist Waad Al-Kateab leads us through the five years before and during the battle for Aleppo as she falls in love and has a baby – baby Sama. Watch this without crying and you are made of sterner stuff than me. Or an ignorant politician.
Score: 8.9
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