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The BAFTA Nominee List

Photograph: Apple TV+

Whilst there is no higher accolade than being featured on the weekly Must List, even we are suckers for awards season. And the nominations for this year’s TV BAFTAs have just been announced.

So we’re bringing you six shows nominated for this year’s awards.

And the BAFTA (nomination) goes to…

1 Season Apple TV+ 8 x 30 mins
It’s time to blow the dust off and load up Apple TV+, because it turns out there’s a hidden gem hiding out there: Little America.
Score: 8.4
1 Season Amazon Prime 1 x 90 mins
The Lake District has a far more interesting and complex history than just sheep farming and Wordsworth. And this BAFTA nominated film is telling one story: that of the 300 children rescued from Auschwitz and Belsen, who were brought to Windermere.
Score: 8.7
1 Season BBC iPlayer 12 x 30 mins
There were a few TV phenomena in the first lockdown of 2020, and this is the least ridiculous of them all – we’re looking at you, Joe Exotic.
Score: 9.0
1 Season Netflix 1 x 80 mins
Netflix won’t shy away from the opportunity to cash in on a true crime tale, but this one from last year stood out among the rest, leaving Twitter storms of horrified viewers and sparking news articles discussing the film’s impact.
Score: 7.7
3 Seasons Netflix 24 x 50 mins
Despite all the references to ‘jizz’, boners, and rampant teenage libidos, this show ultimately stands out as a warm, heartfelt celebration of teenage uncertainty and secondary school years. And it’s hilarious, too.
Score: 9.0
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