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Best of Sky and Now

Photograph: Sky

Next up on our tour around the streamers is Sky and their streaming service, Now. We’ve picked ten of their top shows which you can watch right now.

There’s more drama than you can shake a stick at, a handful of hilarious sitcoms, and a spooky series which will keep you up at night.

Here’s what you should be watching 

1 Season Now, Sky 5 x 60 mins
The worst nuclear disaster in history is not the most optimistic premise for a TV miniseries, but Chernobyl’s brilliant account of what happened after the eponymous nuclear reactor failed one spring morning in 1986 is superlative television.
Score: 9.5
7 Seasons Now, Sky 138 x 20 mins
Tina Fey has made us belly laugh a good few times in her career, but never more so than in 30 Rock. This is Fey at her finest.
Score: 8.1
3 Seasons Now, Sky 29 x 60 mins
If you’ve ever dreamed of living out a cowboy fantasy in the wild west, riding off into the sunset, tipping your hat as you wave goodbye to the local saloon staff...after you’ve ransacked the whole town and engaged in at least one shoot out, then you need to visit Westworld.
Score: 8.0
17 Seasons Now, Sky 376 x 40 mins
There really isn’t anything quite as comforting as a melodramatic, mid-noughties TV show, is there? Especially when they involve dozens of deaths per season, broken family lives and a high-stress occupation... ok, maybe comforting isn’t the right word.
Score: 7.0
2 Seasons Now, Sky 30 x 50 mins
Weirdness is the animating spirit of this show – we’re thinking the Log Lady, Cooper’s dreams of the red room and all those “damn fine” cups of coffee. Arguably this baffling bizarreness is what helped it achieve cult status.
Score: 8.7
2 Seasons Sky 15 x 45 mins
This smash hit show is basically a modern update of Desperate Housewives, with middle class mums, murder and neighbourhood maliciousness. And oh mother, do we love i
Score: 8.5
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