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The Gangster List

It’s a Gangster wrap here at Must and we’ve got ten great shows with high octane anti-heroes. You might not love them, or even like them, but these gangsters are all compulsively watchable characters and they make for outstanding TV.

1 Season BBC iPlayer 1 x 90 mins
Told through two men who planned the operation, this is the engrossing tale of how a team of hired assassins attempted in 1989 to assassinate the “King of Cocaine” Pablo Escobar, under orders from a rival drugs cartel.
Score: 7.8
1 Season Amazon Prime 10 x 60 mins
This is a dark mystery story, centred around the big time lawyer Juan Elías, who is suffering from total memory loss after a car accident.
Score: 8.3
2 Seasons Now, Sky 18 x 60 mins
Recently, we’ve become used to our bent coppers coming with a side of Irish sarcasm, Gogglebox commentary and Twitter storms. But now that season six of Line of Duty is out the way, it’s time to make room for corrupt coppers from across the Atlantic, in this Boston police procedural.
Score: 8.0
1 Season All4 12 x 60 mins
The opening scene of The Hunter, with its scorching skies and swaying grass, is sure to have you itching to board a plane and jet off for warmer climes. At least, it will for the first few seconds, until it cuts to archive footage of a bloody corpses.
Score: 8.0
6 Seasons Now, Sky 86 x 50 mins
For telly fans such as ourselves, this series marks the dawn of a TV revolution, where the small screen became as significant as the silver one, and home entertainment became a presence as large and looming as Tony Soprano himself. Bada bing bada boom.
Score: 9.3
1 Season Now, Sky 8 x 50 mins
If you want a gritty and dark drug trafficking drama but don’t have the time to sit through the 62 episodes of Breaking Bad, then this limited series is just the ticket.
Score: 7.9
1 Season Amazon Prime 9 x 60 mins
Any show that risks the crazy combo of Don Johnson and Jeremy Irons would routinely get a nod from us. However, Watchmen is also a bold dystopian drama that captures some of the race anxiety ripping across the US and elsewhere.
Score: 9.3
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