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The Great Outdoors List

Photograph: BBC

It’s time to get some adventure inspiration from our favourite outdoor shows.

We’ve got some green-fingered gems, a reality show romp around Yorkshire, a cosy comedy, a jaw-dropping film, and even something that might get the kids off their consoles.

Dig into this week’s Must List

1 Season All4 4 x 60 mins
This show is telling us how to turn our maybe-one-day Pinterest boards titled ‘Garden’ into a full-blown reality, fit with lighting, rattan sofas and ponds made from whisky barrels. Those are going to be some seriously sozzled fish.
Score: 7.4
4 Seasons My5 23 x 45 mins
The last year-or-so of pandemic life has seen some interesting changes in the way we act – we’ve started elbowing our mates, drinking pints in the pouring rain, working in our pyjamas, and become obsessed with farming?
Score: 8.5
3 Seasons BBC iPlayer 19 x 30 mins
Every now and then we stumble across a show that is just pure, heart-warming gold, guaranteed to leave us feeling better after each episode. If only we had a metal detector to help us find these shows. “But, that’s Must” we hear you cry...
Score: 8.9
1 Season BBC iPlayer 2 x 60 mins
For anyone around in the late 70s, the words Worzel Gummidge will quickly provoke images of a terrifying, spine-chilling scarecrow. But in this 2019 version, he’s a lovely, gentle ball of hay, with a big heart. He is still a little creepy though…
Score: 8.7
Here at Must we are great lovers of the great outdoors – with all the telly we watch, we’ve got to get some outdoor time somehow – and can’t resist a green-fingered gander. And for garden-lovers this hidden gem is one of the best out there.
Score: 8.1
1 Season Netflix 1 x 70 mins
This documentary has ditched the idea that nature shows should be relaxing, and instead is choosing to have us seated on the edge of our seats. However when watching this, you’ll just be pleased it’s not the edge of a mountain you’re perched on.
Score: 7.8
1 Season All4 6 x 25 mins
Here at Must TV we have been escaping our very own urban lockdown by revisiting the first series, Escape to River Cottage, and dreaming of our own pig-breeding, pea-growing and pigeon pie-making.
Score: 8.5
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